AngularJS Tutorial

AngularJS is the insanely popular Javascript MVC/MVVM framework developed by Misko Hevery at Google. It has changed the way we develop client side applications, by providing the possibilities to apply the best practices usually applied on server side like modular programming, separation of concerns, testability and many more, on client side. Advantages are many fold increase in productivity, smooth learning curve for the developers, plain HTML to work with for Designers and finally, possibility to easily integrating with other popular libraries.
This AngularJS Tutorial series is based on AngularJS 1.4.4.

AngularJS Introduction
What is AngularJS and what can it do for us.

AngularJS Hello World Example
Classic Hello World with AngularJS.

AngularJS Modules Explained
Most basic and most important building blocks in AngulatJS. Explained in detail with different types of usages.

AngularJS Controllers Explained with Live Examples
The workhorses of AngularJs applications. Explained with help of live example.

AngularJS Form Validation Example
Populate and Validate a web based form using AngularJS. Learn how to elegantly show validation & errors to end user.

AngularJS Services Dissected
Known for providing reusable business-logic, AngularJs services brought more than that on table. Service, Factory,Provider,Constant & value explained with help of example.

AngularJS Server Communication Example using $http service
Communicate with Server using AngularJS $http Service. Full working example showing AngulatJS client application communicating with Spring REST API based Server.

AngularJS Server Communication Example using ngResource with $resource service
Simplify your server communication using $resource service, which is an abstraction on low-level $http service. Full working example showing AngulatJS client application communicating with Spring REST API based Server.

AngularJS Filters Example(Built-in + Custom Filters)
Everything you need to know about using AngularJS filters. Learn using both built-in and writing your own Custom AngularJS filters with help of live examples in details.

AngularJS Routing Tutorial using ngRoute
Support multiple view in you AngularJS app using ngRoute. Provides in-depth details of each configuration including template, templateUrl, controller, redirectTo & resolve. Also shows communicating with Spring based backend.

AngularJS Routing Tutorial using ui-router
A flexible alternative to ngRouter, ui-router provides much more control by providing support for nested & multiple-named views. This post provides in-depth details of each configuration including state, $stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $stateParams & more.

AngularJS Directive In-depth tutorial
Directives are AngularJS way of extending HTML. They are basically markers on a DOM element (such as an attribute, element name, comment or CSS class) that tell AngularJS’s HTML compiler to attach a specified behavior to that DOM element. This tutorial goes into great details of AngularJS Directive’s configuration and usage.