Name in UPPERCASES: {{ | uppercase}}
Name in lowercases: {{ | lowercase}}
First 3 letters of Name in lowercases: {{ | lowercase | limitTo:3}}
Quantity as a number: {{ctrl.quantity | number}}
Quantity as a number with 3 decimals: {{ctrl.quantity | number:3}}
Price with a currency: {{ctrl.price | currency}}
Price with a Specific Currency : {{ctrl.price | currency:'EUR'}}
JSON object: {{ctrl.jsonObj | json}}
Date with default format (timestamp): {{ctrl.startAt}}
Date with default 'date' format: {{ctrl.startAt | date}}
Date with specific built-in format: {{ctrl.startAt | date:'short'}}
Date with custom format: {{ctrl.startAt | date:"MM/dd/yyyy 'at' h:mma"}}